About Intellilinks

Corporate Building Intellilinks is an SEO advertising firm that connects advertisers with a network of quality publishers. We specialize in placing organic links across our ever-growing network of websites in order to build rank and traffic for our advertisers. We're focused on providing cutting edge technology, while keeping our network seamless and secure to bring results to our clients and revenue to our publishers.


After successfully running a private SEO and link placement operation, Intellilinks launched it's network to the public in 2009, pledging to offer a secure, state of the art marketplace along with an abundance of quality websites to fill it. Unlike some of our competitors, we vigorously review all of the sites in our network on a continuous basis to ensure that our clients' links are placed cleanly and effectively.

We've designed our system to give our advertisers and our publishers both security and flexbility, while maintaining a high level of results. We pride ourselves on improving the rank of our advertisers, and at the same time, providing a wealth of revenue to our publishers. We have a talented team of SEO professionals available to support our clients needs, as well as a development squad for technical issues. We are reachable 24/7 through our online contact form.