Frequently Asked Questions


Can you give a quick rundown of your service for advertisers?

We offer you a vast, high quality marketplace of websites on which to purchase text links. You can specify both the anchor text and the URLs for these links. All of our websites are spidered by search engines and will provide an SEO benefit to your URL, increasing its ranking in the search engine's results. Links are paid for monthly and can be maintained as long as the advertiser wishes.

When will I see the URL of the page where my ads will be appearing?

The URLs of the pages where your ads will be placed will be shown to you immediately after your order is accepted. If you're unhappy with any of the placements, you can cancel the ads and receive a full refund to your account.

When I checkout I'm seeing a prorated total. What is this?

If you are an advertiser who is already being billed monthly by Intellilinks and are purchasing more ads, we will prorate the cost of these new ads initially. You will then be billed the full amount on your existing billing date moving forward. We do this so that you can maintain a single billing day, and not be billed on various days throughout the month.


Can you give a quick rundown of your service for publishers?

We place paid text link advertisements on your website and split 50% of the revenue with you. We have two types of ads: regular ads, which appear as a list of links of your site (in your sidebar, for example), and context ads, which link keywords that already appear in the body of your posts. You may choose to offer either type of advertisement, or both.

Do you accept any website submitted to your service?

Because our service is based around building quality links for our advertisers, we cannot accept every website that is submitted to our program. We use a number of statistics to determine eligibility. If a website is not immediately accepted, our team will review it and make a decision as to its status. We keep a record of all submitted sites and continually monitor those that have not been accepted for future eligibility.

Will your service work on any type of website?

Yes. While we have scripts available to automate the process for Wordpress or PHP based sites, we also allow manual link placement. The latter option will allow you to use our program on any type of site and simply add purchased links by hand. You are notified of new links via email.

Does your service conflict with other advertising services I may be running?

As far as we know, our code does not conflict with any other services, including other text link providers. Our terms of service do not require exclusivity. You are free to run any other services you would like.

How much will advertisements be sold for on my website?

Our pricing is determined using a number of website statistics, so it is unique to each site. Upon submitting your website, an initial price will be assigned. If you wish to change this price, you can contact our team and we'll get it updated right away.

Can I change the price of an advertisement on my website?

Yes, If you wish to change this price, you can contact our team and we'll get it updated right away.

How much can I expect to earn?

This can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including the quality of your website, the genre, the number of ads that are sold, and various other things. Ultimately, demand is determined by our advertisers. However, we have a dedicated sales team working around the clock to place ads on your site and earn you money!

Can I see some sample websites in your network?

For security reason, we do not expose our network to the public. We do this to make sure both our publishers and advertisers are protected.

Are advertisers able to see the URL of my website?

We do not expose website URLs to advertisers until after ads have been purchased, so your website URL is not exposed to non-paying clients.

When do I get paid?

You will be paid monthly during the first week of each month via PayPal.

Do I have to earn a certain amount before I get paid?

There is currently no minimum payment. Any money earned will be paid out the following month via PayPal.

Do I have control over what ads appear on my website?

Yes, after submitting your website you will see an option that will allow you to manually review all ads. When this is enabled, you are emailed whenever an ad is placed and have 24 hours to accept or reject the ad. Alternately, you can allow Intellilinks to manage the approval process.

A new ad has been sold on my website. How do I approve it?

In order to approve a new ad, you must log into your account. You will see any pending ads listed on the top, left of your dashboard. If you are using our Wordpress plugin or PHP code, you can simply click the "Approve" button next to ad. If you are placing ads manually, you must first add the link to your site using the details provided. Be sure to use the proper anchor text and link URL, and to place it on the exact URL shown. Once the link is appearing on your website, click the "Approve" button. Our system will scan your website for the link and accept it.

Where do I download your Wordpress/PHP plugin?

In order to download our code, you must first submit your website. Log into your account and go to "Websites" on the top menu. If you have not yet submitted your site yet, use the form on the right to do so. Once your website is listed, click the "Edit" button next to it. On the following details screen you will see an option for downloading the Wordpress/PHP code for that particular website. (Please note: You must download this customized copy of the code for each site.)